SunPower Solar Monitoring with EnergyLink

The all-in-one solar monitoring system

SunPower Monitoring System - How it Works

To track solar performance, SunPower created its monitoring system – EnergyLink. SunPower monitoring uses a combination of hardware, firmware, and software to bring all of your data into one place so you can view how much solar energy your solar system produces, your energy consumption, and estimated bill savings.

Components of a SunPower Monitoring System

Energy Link Hardware

SunPower’s EnergyLink hardware is the core of its solar monitoring system. It houses firmware and software to run SunPower’s monitoring platform, collects data from your PV solar system, and transmits it wirelessly to the servers for analysis.

EnergyLink Software

You can download an app on your phone or access your system’s data from the web. It is where you can monitor how well your system is working, show off the environmental savings you are making, and get answers to questions about your system. You can also use this app if you have the optional consumption meter that comes with your system. You will be able to track how much energy your home is using.

SunPower Monitoring System's Features and Benefits


SunPower Monitoring Dashboard

SunPower's Monitoring Dashboard is the user interface for EnergyLink. It allows you to monitor your system's production, track your solar system performance over time, view estimated bill savings, and estimate lifetime environmental savings.


Effective Tracking

With SunPower Monitoring, you can get an accurate estimate of the system's production. By knowing that information, you can determine if adjustments need to be made. If your solar panels are not producing as much power as expected, you can troubleshoot the problem.


Estimating Bill Savings

You can estimate your monthly savings based on historical data, or if you have the consumption monitoring kit, you will see an estimate of savings achieved by using your solar system. The system keeps an archive of your energy use records and allows you to compare before and after solar system performance.


Lifetime environmental savings

By installing SunPower's monitoring system, you can track your environmental savings, reduced emissions achieved, and maximize the impact of your solar investment.


Alert & Graphs

SunPower Alerts and Graphs display your system's performance trends and alerts. It gives you information about the performance of your solar panels, whether there is a problem with your system, if it needs to be adjusted, or if additional servicing is recommended.

SunPower Monitoring FAQ

Solar monitoring is the practice of observing an array of solar panels to analyze current solar energy generation, estimate performance, and detect problems with your system.

mySunPower app is a free monitoring app enabling homeowners to conveniently monitor their SunPower solar system’s energy production anywhere with an internet connection and a mobile device or tablet.

SunPower is leading the way with renewable energy technology and aims to change how homeowners interact with its products. The mySunPower app establishes solar and storage systems at the core of the smart home ecosystem. According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), there will be an influx of solar and storage customers. More than 25 percent of on-site solar systems will be paired with storage by 2025. The app will replace the mySunPower customer portal at the end of 2021. 

It’s easy to use and provides quick access to the following:

  • Monitor your entire solar and storage systems with a holistic view of electricity generated, energy consumed*, and available battery power.
  • Review current kilowatt-hour production, your electricity use by day, month, or year and easily monitor system performance with real-time reporting and graphs.
  • Track your electricity production in all conditions with the integrated weather API.
  • Stay up to date on system status, connectivity, and changing weather conditions with live in-app alerts.

You can access this leading solar technology from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You will need a valid email address and a SunPower solar system. If you do not have a solar system, find out how much it costs to go solar.

Technical Specs

  • Real-time access to solar production and home energy usage1 any day, month, or year
  • Insights including energy mix, bill savings, and environmental impact
  • Hardware Ethernet
  • Power Line Communication
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular Backup
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