SunPower Equinox: The Complete Home Solar System

Upgrade your home, control your power.

Produce More with SunPower Equinox

Less clunky with more style and higher efficiency, the SunPower Equinox® home solar system is designed and engineered by one company to work together seamlessly.

Conventional Solar

  • Includes components from multiple brands and manufacturers, each with their own warranty - which often causes confusion.
  • Your energy requirements will require more panels and space, usually spanning across all sides.
  • Has one inverter. If this stops working, your home will be left without solar energy.
  • May not be compatible with energy storage or may require a large, bulk installation.


SunPower Equinox System

  • One company, one complete-system warranty
  • More power. More savings. Less space.
  • A micro-inverter is fitted to each panel. If one inverter fails, only one panel is affected.
  • Adding solar storage to provide backup power when you need it is easy


more energy


in durability



Fewer panels, more savings

Highest efficiency solar panels

Produce up to 55% more energy in the same space used by conventional solar panels. With SunPower holding the world record for rooftop energy production, you'll be sure to produce more power and more savings.

Maximize ROI

Longer life

Unlike conventional solar panels, SunPower solar cells are constructed with a copper-backed design. The solid copper foundation, cell strength, and ultra-pure silicon resists corrosion and helps the panels to last over 40 years.

Minimalist design

Cut your utility bill, not your curb appeal

Solar has never looked this good. SunPower solar panel systems are designed to look great in any home. With a sleek, clean exterior and easy installation, it's easy to see why they are the best-looking panels in the solar industry!

Integrate the Equinox System with SunVault Storage

Easily add energy storage

Effortlessly integrate SunPower SunVault with your Equinox system to keep your home's essential appliances running during a power outage or bad weather for up to 3 days. Not only will you have greater energy independence, but you will also save further on your electric bill by reducing peak-time charges!

Track your system's energy production

Stay in the loop

Discover how much energy your system produces over a given amount of time with SunPower's free smartphone app.

Know what is going on your roof

Don't settle for less

With conventional solar systems, it's hard to know what you're getting. Other solar companies present variety as a strength and an opportunity for customization, but the results can be unpredictable.

Save over 40% on your utility bill

We help our homeowners save upwards of 40% on their electricity bills. What would you do with the money you save each month?

First 3 months free

Pay nothing for the first three months when you switch to solar.

Pay nothing upfront

Solar panels are no longer an expensive, unattainable luxury. With our no-money-down offer, you can go solar with ease.

Solar Financing Options

Lease Program

  • Lower Fixed Rate
  • Protect Yourself Against Inflation
  • Transferable To New homeowners

Ownership Program

You own the solar system and the energy. It is financed
  • Lower Fixed Payments
  • Qualify For Federal and State Incentives
  • Protect Yourself Against Inflation
  • Eliminate Electric Bill
  • Own Your Power
  • Increase Property Value

Cash Program

You own the solar system
  • Purchase the System Outright
  • Qualify for Federal and State Incentives
  • Eliminate Electric Bill
  • Own Your Power
  • Increase Property Value

SunPower Equinox FAQ

The Equinox system is a residential solar system that SunPower makes. All the components of the SunPower system are designed and engineered to work perfectly together from sun to switch. When you choose SunPower Equinox for your home, you get it all: high quality, innovative technology, and an industry-leading warranty.

High-efficiency panels

Composed of robust solar cells that produce more energy than any commercially available panel.


Sitting behind each panel, the microinverter converts power and has optimization technology.

EnergyLink Hardware and Software 

Monitoring hardware and software allows you to view your home’s usage and solar production in real-time, all on your home computer or smartphone.


A rail-based mounting system, geared towards amplifying the aesthetic and decreasing the installation time.

The cost of the SunPower Equinox home solar system varies depending on your energy consumption, how many solar panels you need, state incentives, and which SunPower dealer you choose.

It is important to find an Authorized SunPower Dealer to provide you with a clear financial analysis that is tailored to your home’s energy requirements and is fair in pricing.

Get a quote for the installation of SunPower Equinox.

A microinverter is a small inverter that monitors and regulates the amount of power produced by each solar panel. Specifically, it changes the direct current (DC) power collected from your solar panels into alternating current (AC), which can be used to power your appliances.

What is a string inverter?

String inverters are large units that are mounted on the exterior wall of your home. They connect all modules (panels) together into one system to produce electricity, which then flows into your electrical panel.

Microinverter vs string inverter

String inverters or separate inverters add the need for a bulky inverter cluttering walls in your home. In the event of your inverter breaking down, your home’s solar array would no longer produce solar power.

Microinverters have fewer visible parts, with the inverters hidden behind each solar panel. An inverter failing will not affect the performance of the whole solar system because the problem will be isolated to just one panel.

While other solar companies perceive variety as a strength and an opportunity to combine components, which can lead to compromised performance. Our team at Solar Gleam Energy offers you peace of mind because the products we promote are designed and engineered by one company, SunPower.

If you’re looking for a home solar system, be sure to consider the benefits of choosing SunPower:

  • SunPower has been recognized as a leader in solar-powered electricity for over 35 years, with reliable systems that are backed by the best warranty in the industry.
  • SunPower has one mission: more sustainable energy for everyone. That’s why all solar installations are completed by authorized installers using SunPower products.
  • A SunPower Equinox home solar system delivers the best results by producing more power per square meter than conventional panels.
  • Experience simpler installation and better aesthetics
  • A greater return on investment over your panels’ lifetime

This home solar system is perfect for those wanting their investment to last beyond the warranty period. You can have peace of mind knowing that your system is guaranteed to have a power output of 92% at the end of 25 years.

SunPower Equinox Specs

What’s Included

  • High Efficiency AC Panels with factory-integrated Microinverter
  • InvisiMount Mounting Hardware
  • EnergyLink Monitoring Hardware
  • EnergyLink Monitoring Software

Software Features

  • Real-time access to solar production and home energy usage1 any day, month, or year
  • Insights including energy mix, bill savings, and environmental impact


  • SunPower Panels: 25 years
  • SunPower Microinverters: 25 years
  • SunPower InvisiMount Hardware: 25 years
  • SunPower Monitoring Hardware: 10 years EnergyLink Connectivity
  • Hardware Ethernet
  • Power Line Communication
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular Backup
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