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Solar Gleam Energy is an Authorized SunPower Dealer located in the heart of New Jersey, Princeton. We are on a mission to help the state of New Jersey meet renewable portfolio standards by providing affordable and trustworthy solar panel installations to residents and businesses in the Garden State.

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Home Solar System

The SunPower Equinox System is the complete home solar energy system. The solar panels are designed to give you more power per square meter than any other commercially available panel using the most cutting-edge and efficient technology. Thus, saving you more money in less space.

Learn more about SunPower Equinox

Solar Battery Storage

Keep your home online with SunPower SunVault Storage, a lithium-ion battery designed to give you the power you need when you need it. This sleek and lightweight battery can keep your home running for up to 3 days in the case of a power outage. So protect your home from power outages and treat yourself to greater energy independence.

Learn more about SunVault Storage

Solar financing options in Cherry Hill

With our easy solar financing options, you can instantly start saving money on your electric bill today while building equity for tomorrow. All while doing something good for the environment.

Lease Program

  • Lower Fixed Rate
  • Protect Yourself Against Inflation
  • Transferable To New homeowners

Ownership Program

You own the solar system and the energy. It is financed
  • Lower Fixed Payments
  • Qualify For Federal and State Incentives
  • Protect Yourself Against Inflation
  • Eliminate Electric Bill
  • Own Your Power
  • Increase Property Value

Cash Program

You own the solar system
  • Purchase the System Outright
  • Qualify for Federal and State Incentives
  • Eliminate Electric Bill
  • Own Your Power
  • Increase Property Value

Solar Incentives Available in Cherry Hill

Visit our blog to find out more information about New Jersey solar incentives.

The Federal solar tax credit allows homeowners or business owners to claim 26% of the cost of their solar installation.

Net metering is offered by utility companies in New Jersey. It has helped residents and businesses save more money with solar panels. All homes enrolled in the program are credited for any extra energy created by their solar panels that is not used onsite at the time of generation.

Read more here

The Solar Successor Incentive (SuSI) is a new solar program designed by the New Jersey Public Board of Utilities (NJBPU) for installed solar panel systems, activated, and interconnected to the electricity grid.

Homeowners will receive one SREC-II for every kilowatt-hour of electricity generated. One SREC-II is worth $90.

Learn more about the program here

With the solar property tax exemption, homeowners are exempt from paying property tax on the value added by a solar system.

The Sales Tax Exemption incentive provided by New Jersey offers a reduction in the upfront costs for solar projects by 6.625%.

Your guide to going solar in Cherry Hill

  • Save money on your electric bill
  • Energy Independence
  • Low payback period
  • Protection from power outages
  • An excellent long term investment
  • Increase your home’s value

Yes, Cherry Hill is an excellent place to be when considering a solar installation for your home or business. Cherry Hill gets an average of 4.21 hours of peak sun hours. Still, this number can vary depending on whether you’re using a fixed solar panel or tilted one to maximize output at different times of the year.

The direction your solar panels face and the efficiency of your solar panels can significantly impact how much energy your system can produce.

To get the most out of your solar panels, it is recommended that you talk to a top solar installation company to ensure that the system is installed correctly.

The average residential customer spends just under $1,400 per year on their electric bill. We aim to offset 100% of your electric bill by switching you over to solar through meticulous planning.

You will receive two bills; one from your electric utility company for being connected to the grid (usually a few dollars!) and another from SunPower for your solar. Together, this will instantly lower your electricity bills by over 40%.

Find out how much you can save by switching to solar.

Going solar in Cherry Hill has never been more affordable! Owning a solar system means that you will get the lowest electricity rates, protected from price hikes for the lifetime of your contract.

The cost of going solar depends on various factors, such as the type of system you choose, your home’s location, and if you choose to pay for the solar installation with cash, a solar lease, or a loan.

To get a quote for solar panel installation with or without storage, head over to solargleam.energy/go-solar.

The payback period in Cherry Hill is one of the lowest in the United States, thanks to the tremendous solar incentives available to residents. The average solar payback period is 6 years, with 4 years being the minimum.

Contrary to what solar companies tell their customers, going solar is not free. Installing a solar system has several costs associated with it, including installation, permitting, and equipment.

However, New Jersey solar incentives are in abundance, which will drastically cut down your overall cost.

Free solar should not be confused with ‘pay nothing upfront’ offers which many solar installers, including us, offer in the state.

Yes, a federal tax credit of 26% is available to those who install solar on their property.

Yes, you can sell the excess electricity your solar panels generate back to the grid in exchange for credits on your utility bill.

To take advantage of net metering, you will need a solar system and a net metering agreement with your utility company.

The electrical grid is under immense pressure to deliver due to an increase in demand. In fact, the second most common cause for electric-utility power outages was due to overdemand, only just behind weather/falling trees.

According to NY Post, 130,000 people in the tri-state area were left without power when Hurricane Ida hit. Unfortunate events like this can have detrimental effects on those who rely on electricity from the grid. Because of this, an increasing number of homeowners in Cherry Hill are considering adding solar battery storage to their home improvement projects.

We recommend that you consider going partially off-grid with solar battery storage because they help keep your home connected when grid power isn’t readily available. Solar batteries act as an energy bank for your home by storing excess energy that is collected during the day and returning it to your home’s appliances when you need it the most.

This technology enables you to take advantage of peak-time utility rates, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.

Get more information on SunVault Storage or read more about how solar battery storage works.

Installing solar panels on your roof can also be an excellent investment for your home. Research by Zillow shows that adding photovoltaic (PV) solar systems to your home will increase the value of your home by 4.1%. This is because solar provides increased financial security in lowering or eliminating electric bills and generating life savings that are hard to beat with any other type of investment.

Solar Gleam Energy is a great team of energy advisors that operate in a professional manner and seek to provide Cherry Hill with solar energy systems at competitive pricing. We are here to help you make an informed decision about going solar, whether it’s for your home or business.

As one of the top solar installers, we are committed to helping you switch over to solar power in the most efficient way possible, without using pushy sales tactics. Unlike other solar companies, we have a streamlined process designed with your energy needs in mind. In addition, we provide all of our customers with personalized service and dedicated support throughout the entire installation process.

As one of the top solar installers, we are committed to helping you switch over to solar power in the most efficient way possible, without using pushy sales tactics. Unlike other solar companies, we have a streamlined process designed with your energy needs in mind. In addition, we provide all of our customers with personalized service and dedicated support throughout the entire installation process.

SunPower is a leader in the solar industry, with more than 35 years of experience in solar innovation and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

SunPower has the highest efficiency ratings of any commercially available panel on the market today. Furthermore, they offer best-in-class services and warranties that ensure your system performs for decades to come. The great engineers at SunPower have worked tirelessly to create a truly differentiated product, one that will provide our customers with the maximum return on their investment.

As an Authorized SunPower Dealer, you can rest assured that Solar Gleam Energy will generate the most out of your investment with our unmatched performance and warranty.

Solar Gleam Energy has partnered with SunPower to bring you top-of-the-range solar panels. The solar panels we install in Cherry Hill are SunPower A-series, one of the most energy-efficient panels available on the market today. In addition, these solar panels provide the lowest degradation rate at just 0.25% per year, working at optimal efficiency for more than 25 years.

Conventional solar panels tend to degrade by 0.5% per year, which poses a problem to the integrity of the solar system as most homeowners invest in solar to save or make a return on investment. If you have lost 20% of your panels’ effectiveness over 25 years, your return on investment has been cut short. SunPower guarantees that your system will produce a minimum of 92% of its DC power output at the end of 25 years.

Yes, we offer commercial solar in Cherry Hill, NJ. Solar Gleam Energy is a cut above the rest when providing clean and reliable power to businesses looking for affordable and dependable energy rates.

We have partnered with two solar companies to bring you reliable, affordable energy rates.

WeSolar CSP powered by ASC

WeSolar CSP technology is a game-changer. It produces 3x the heat and two-thirds of power on only 20% of the land required for traditional Parabolic Trough or Solar Tower energy generation. ASC technology also requires only a third of the space solar PV requires. As a result, investors in commercial solar will benefit from significantly lower CAPEX and operational costs.

WeSolar CSP builds modular and scalable solar solutions. 

This allows them to effectively and affordably power industrial and microgrid projects from as small as 30kW to as large as 50MW. In addition, this technology’s cost-effectiveness and reliability make it an excellent source of renewable energy.


We partnered with SunPower to get you the most innovative solar energy solution customized to your specific needs. Regarded as one of the best solar companies in the US for over 35 years, the process of going solar for corporations and institutions has never been more straightforward.

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Proud to be one of the best solar companies in Cherry Hill, we are a team of dedicated solar energy professionals who love what we do. We're a solar provider who believes in cultivating a sustainable future through solar installation while taking great pride in helping our local community thrive.

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David Merced
David Merced
Read More
one of the things I was worried about buying solar panels was the cost and if I could afford it but speaking to kayla ceballos and how she made the process so easy and so understandable I would recommend this to everyone that I could she is truly the best
John Saunders
John Saunders
Read More
We worked with Kayla Ceballos from sun power who was awesome from start to finish. She guided us through the process very well and we are delighted we moved to clean energy
Ana Maria
Ana Maria
Read More
Kayla is the best to work with. She will go through the process with you and answer any questions you may have. Well deserved 5 stars.
Eliana Longhi
Eliana Longhi
Read More
Kayla was the sole reason why we chose Sunpower. She is absolutely the best in what she does. We did contact other solar panel companies, but their customer service was horrible and made us worried what the rest of the process would be like. Kayla is knowledgeable and cares to explain and follow up every step of the way. Our panels are up and running and she is still checking in on us to ensure that we are 100% happy. I can’t recommend Kayla enough. Trust that she will get the best deal possible while being very resourceful. Thank you Kayla, SunPower is lucky to have you!
Bobby Harrison
Bobby Harrison
Read More
This was a great experience from beginning to end with Giovanni from Sun Power. Giovanni is a SUPERMAN in solar business. He came from afar to explain to me what I was getting into. Other solar businesses were of no comparison and called them out for not helping me the way they were supposed to. Giovanni proved to have the much better deal and proved to be the better expert. If you are thinking of going solar, try Giovanni and I promise you, you will not regret it. If I could give more than five stars to Giovanni and his team, I would. Thank you Giovanni for this great experience. God bless you in your endeavors.

The process of going solar in Cherry Hill

  • Fill out the form below to request a quote

    One of our friendly energy consultants will be in touch, or you can give us a call on (609) 225-4101. We'll collect the information needed to provide to design you a solar system and provide an accurate financial breakdown

  • Sign contract and on-site inspection

    Our on-site surveyors will contact you within a few days of signing the contract by our on-site surveyors. We will examine your home to gather the technical information to finalize the solar system design.

  • Permits and design approval

    Our team will help you prepare the documents for your HOA approval. You'll also get a detailed design layout document to review and approve, so check it carefully before approving! We will work closely with your local authorities to make sure that everything is in order. The permitting process can take up to a few weeks, but we'll be on hand every step of the way!

  • Installation

    We'll get in touch with you to work out a convenient installation time and let you know what the process will include. This phase takes 2-3 days, depending on your system size.

  • Inspection

    We will go through the necessary procedures to get your home's solar energy system up and running. This process includes installation, inspections from local authorities, and getting the Permission to Operate (PTO) within a few weeks.

  • System Activation

    After installing the solar panels, our team will come by and do a walk-through to make sure your system runs smoothly. We'll get set up on our app to track how much energy it's generating for you.

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