More Kilowatt Hour Production SunPower Equinox

The only complete home solar + storage solution designed by one company.

Less visible parts with higher efficiency, the SunPower Equinox® home solar system is designed and engineered by one company to work together as one.

Conventional Solar

  • Requires pairing with a string inverter, in addition to products from 3+ other companies
  • Requires additional equipment due to high-voltage on roof (600v–1000v)
  • Attach DC Optimizers to each panel manually,then install standard string inverter
  • No specific call out on degradation covered under warranty



SunPower Equinox

  • Solar panel, microinverter, racking, monitoring all from one Company
  • Hidden microinverter and low voltage on roof (60v) means no visible conduit
  • Record-Setting Panel Technology
  • The industry’s highest, commercially available standard panel efficiency


more energy over time


Efficiency, Durability, Warranty


Best 25 Year Warranty


More Energy In Less Space

Highest Efficiency Solar Panels

SunPower panels produce more energy in less space, leaving room for future expansion. 22% More Power - SunPower panels produce substantially more energy in the same amount of space.



Stong Enough For Ice Worlds

Strong Enough For Your Roof


NASA's Grover autonomous robot tested SunPower panels on Greenland Ice Sheet -22 Degrees Fahrenheit. SunPower panels are design to go 40 years.



Best Aesthetics

Fully concealed, and less visible parts

Sleek design and easy installation, it is easy to see why SunPower has the best-looking panels in the industry!

InvisiMount mounting hardware is designed to be completely hidden,
producing a sleek look that complements any architectural style


SunVault Storage

Solar + Storage + Peace of Mind

Your home is now equipped for backup battery power with SunPower® SunVault™
Storage. Once your system is activated, if the utility power goes out—your lights
will stay on


Monitor Your Energy Production

Stay Connected

Monitor how much energy your system produces over a period of time with SunPower's monitoring application.



SunPower System Comparisons

Get The World's Best Solar

All solar panels are not created equal, with SunPower solar panels, you are getting the best technology in the industry. Other companies use a composite system with multiple manufactores and warranty.


Save Over 52% On Your Utility Bill

We help our homeowners save over 52% on their electricity bills over time which increase their financial savings.

First 2 Months Free

Pay nothing for the first two months when you switch to solar.

Pay Nothing Upfront

$0 Zero dollars out-of-pocket to transition to solar. Go Solar

Solar Financing Options


Lease Programs

  • $0 down
  • One low monthly payment for the length of the Agreement
  • Transferable, if you need to sell your home


Ownership Programs

  • $0 down No-Out-Of-Pocket
  • One low monthly payment for the length of the agreement
  • Boost Your Home Value
  • Qualify for state and federal (ITC)  incentives
  • Transferable to new homeowner
  • Multiple financing programs available


Cash Option

  • No monthly payments
  • Qualify for state and federal incentives
  • Increase the value of your home

SunPower Equinox FAQ

What is SunPower Equinox system?

The Equinox system is a residential solar system that SunPower makes. All the components of the SunPower system are designed and engineered to work perfectly together, from the sun to the switch. When you choose SunPower Equinox for your home, you get it all: high quality, innovative technology, and an industry‑leading warranty.

What are the components of the SunPower Equinox system?

High‑Efficiency Panels
Composed of robust solar cells that produce more energy than any commercially available panel.

Sitting behind each panel, the microinverter converts power and has optimization technology.

EnergyLink Hardware and Software
Monitoring hardware and software allows you to view your home’s usage and solar production in real‑time, all on your home computer or smartphone.

A rail‑based mounting system geared toward amplifying the aesthetic and decreasing the installation time.

What are microinverters?

A microinverter is a small inverter that monitors and regulates the amount of power produced by each solar panel. Specifically, it changes the direct current (DC) power collected from your solar panels into alternating current (AC), which can be used to power your appliances.

What is a string inverter?
String inverters are large units that are mounted on the exterior wall of your home. They connect all modules (panels) together into one system to produce electricity, which then flows into your electrical panel.

Microinverter vs string inverter
String inverters or separate inverters add the need for a bulky inverter cluttering walls in your home. In the event of your inverter breaking down, your home’s solar array would no longer produce solar power.

Microinverters have fewer visible parts, with the inverters hidden behind each solar panel. An inverter failing will not affect the performance of the whole solar system because the problem will be isolated to just one panel.

SunPower Equinox Specs

What’s Included

  • High‑Efficiency AC Panels With Factory‑Integrated Microinverter
  • InvisiMount Mounting Hardware
  • EnergyLink Monitoring Hardware
  • EnergyLink Monitoring Software

Software Features

  • Real time production access and home energy usage day, month, or year
  • Insights including energy mix, bill savings, and environmental impact


  • SunPower Panels: 25 years
  • SunPower Microinverters: 25 years
  • SunPower InvisiMount Hardware: 25 years
  • SunPower Monitoring Hardware: 10 years EnergyLink Connectivity