#1 Black-Owned Solar Company

Making solar accessible and affordable for underserved and underfunded communities

Bringing solar energy to the black community

We are a black-owned solar company that have been founded on the principles of creating financial and environmental prosperity in underserved ethnic communities.

Solar Gleam Energy provides access to affordable, reliable, and clean power. We provide residential and commercial solar installations to the African American community.

Solar solutions tailored to your needs
Solar for your home

Residential solar

We help ethnic minorities go solar, giving them access to clean, reliable and affordable energy - solar power.

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Solar for your business

Commercial Solar

We work with black-owned businesses to reduce their expenditure on utility bills.

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Flexible Financing Options to Meet Your Needs

Lease Program

  • Lower Fixed Rate
  • Protect Yourself Against Inflation
  • Transferable To New homeowners

Ownership Program

You own the solar system and the energy. It is financed.
  • Lower Fixed Rate
  • Qualify For Federal and State Incentives
  • Protect Yourself Against Inflation
  • Eliminate Electric Bill
  • Own Your Power
  • Increase Property Value

Cash Program

You own the solar system.
  • Purchase the System Outright
  • Qualify for Federal and State Incentives
  • Eliminate Electric Bill
  • Own Your Power
  • Increase Property Value

SunPower Equinox Home Solar System

The complete solar system
Save more money using less panels with SunPower Equinox. This solar system will help to reduce your utility bill down to a few dollars per month, propelling you towards saving tens of thousands of dollars over the solar panels' lifetime.

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SunPower's SunVault solar battery storage

SunPower SunVault Solar Battery Storage

Keep your home online for less
Power outages are a thing of the past with the SunVault battery storage. You can now keep your home running for less during the times you need power the most, such as at night or during a power outage. With up to 3 days' worth of energy backup, you can't go wrong.

Find out how much you can save with solar

Our customers have saved over 40% on their electricity bill and have an average saving of $126 per month. 


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Meet The Leadership Team

African American Man who is the CEO and Founder of Solar Gleam

Steve Anglin

CEO and Founder

African American man who is the COO and co-founder Solar Gleam

Giovanni Shepherd

COO and Co-Founder

African American man who is the Managing Partner of Solar Gleam

Stanley Golding

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Looking for your an opportunity with a black-owned solar company?

Equal opportunities are meant for everyone. So join our diverse team of solar energy experts in helping the black community go solar.
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